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   Jul 23

Goodbye murmeldyr, hello Yirdfast!

This blog sort of lost its purpose after I returned from my prolonged adventures abroad. I kept it open as a space for travelling letters from vacations and such, but several of my later travels didn’t even get a blog post. When I travel I want to be present in the experience, not snapping photos […]

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   Apr 24

An actual update!

Looking forward on another year with the amazing kids I get to call mine, as I’ve been offered a permanent position. The paper mill with applications and interviews and all that is not done, but my superior stated that the position has my name on it and that I am allowed to hit him over the head […]

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   Nov 13

Sir James macPølse

I present to you: Foot warmer, killer of doormats, fart machine, charmeur, Mister Floppyears! A trained eye will observe he is not doing precisely as he’s supposed to in this picture: Eyes fixed on the yum when they are supposed to be on the trainer. But hey, we’re all learning this game. It’s just crazy, […]

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   Nov 03


Blog hasn’t been updated in a long time, for three reasons. 1) keeping busy and occupied 2) not that much is new (not entirely true, there was a magnificent trip to Ireland) 3) Expressing ideas all day at work makes me want to do other things after. With a possible 4) Getting self conscious comparing […]

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   Sep 28

Dog moved in.

For the two weeks to come, my home has the pleasure to accommodate one of the most lovable dogs in existence. This is nice practice for the furry addition to the family that is planned for next summer. We’ve registered for the same brand of dog, in fun size because the normal size was discontinued […]

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   Jun 12

Nespresso frustration

I have been frustrated with Nespresso ever since I got one of their espresso machines a few years back. The coffee is decent, but I am not impressed by their environmental efforts, which seem cosmetic at best. Eager sales representatives would call me frequently to enquire “if they could be in assistance in any way […]

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   May 01

Buy nothing quart-year, summarized

On the day before the big moving day, I conclude the buy nothing-project. I’m quite happy with the result: The supply of edibles have been reduced from a well-stocked cabinet to two 10 liter boxes; one with teas and one with munchables, with good help of a cleaning elf who insistently throws out anything that is […]

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   Apr 21

Dark days are coming

The secret war is online as of today. It is super shiny, but no fun alone and I want you to come play on the green team while we all wait for the big release on june 19. If you facebook, click here to experience the awesomeness. It is no secret that I am far […]

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   Feb 26

New nest <3

Two human and two bunny beings have found what we firmly believe is the single best residence on earth. Just where the busy feeling of downtown gives way for open spaces, looking over a park, sits a roomy flat with a tub and a kitchen that is way too fancy. Have a look: (disregard the TV, […]

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   Feb 03

Fun fact: When removing the web of a hand-sized venomous spider, take the yellow thread last.

I visited the wetlandsin Florida one time with a local friend. We balanced on fallen logs to avoid stepping on snakes hidden in the undergrowth. On several occasions, giant webs blocked our path and we nonchalantly picked them down (“just take the yellow thread last, that’s the sensing thread”). Today I found out the owner […]

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