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   Aug 09

Nuffield: A+!

Nuffield fitness centre kindly let me use their gym when I really needed a workout and a clean shower (see previous post if you wonder why “clean” is emphasized), even though I did not live in the area and thus was not a prospective member. Because I appreciated the generosity and the facilities so much, […]

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   Jan 10

Candy the collie was very protective of her favorite tree

I scored a trillion grown-up-points when I commissioned artwork. Here it is on the wall in my home office:  Whenever I get lost in thought, my eyes move from the screen and over to my perfect tree. I can’t seem to get enough of this picture, tracing the lines over and over again. Never mind […]

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   Nov 21

Art for wearing

Remember I used to share whenever I found something moving or quirky online? Here’s something that’s both plus absolutely stunning. Raw, industrial works of art. Just look at this one.  One day I’ll own a forge and make these myself. Until then, I am very happy to have found the Vagabond. (Not the assembly line […]

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   Oct 19

Listen to me!

I love music. Any genre. No exceptions I can think of. Patience and willingness to maintain a collection of said music is, however, non-existent. Heck, half the time I don’t even know the name of the artist. Enter Spotify. Music consumption has gone up considerably after this ingenious little music streaming program. If there is […]

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   Apr 25


Today was the treasure hunt of the year. One of the major theatres had its occasional costume sale. Over a thousand people turned up and were let in a hundred at a time. Thanks to early bird Marius we were first in the line, but were run past and down before even reaching the shelves. […]

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   Feb 11

Ancient crafts

Curious things to do with cardboard and paper clips (Note the interested onlooker under the table) So, this weave is just a bunch of cardboard pieces with holes in the corners. Make your own with some coasters and a puncher. The whole setup looks like a cobweb to start; however, follow the instructions and beautiful […]

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   Jan 27

Weird News

It may well be that my head is in a funky state from exams and the floaty existence that surrounds them, but I’ve seen so many outright awesome headlines on my tour de web today that I will collect them for future reference. These are from renowned sources, it’s not April fools’ day and they […]

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   Dec 10

Peter Rabbit

I want to share with you my childhood hero Peter Rabbit. It’s of the very predictable and safe tales that children love, where the naughty get punished, mom’s love knows no end and everyone is safe and warm in the end. The romanticized and neat picturing of the English countryside absolutely enthralled me, still does […]

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   Nov 09

Obey Giant

Obey giant made the iconic red-blue Obama posters that are everywhere. Warning: This art will hit you in the guts. It made me snap for air. It made me whip up the colored pencils and MAKE ART NOT WAR. It made me write my first ever fan mail. This stuff is going to be on […]

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   Oct 28


Unlike other collections of random stolen animal photoes, this blog seems to stick to its theme. Prepare to awwww. And it features marmots!

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