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   Feb 26

New nest <3

Two human and two bunny beings have found what we firmly believe is the single best residence on earth. Just where the busy feeling of downtown gives way for open spaces, looking over a park, sits a roomy flat with a tub and a kitchen that is way too fancy.┬áHave a look: (disregard the TV, […]

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   Aug 09

Nuffield: A+!

Nuffield fitness centre kindly let me use their gym when I really needed a workout and a clean shower (see previous post if you wonder why “clean” is emphasized), even though I did not live in the area and thus was not a prospective member. Because I appreciated the generosity and the facilities so much, […]

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   Aug 06

England IV – Doncaster

Doncaster is a sorry little town. It is dominated by industry, vacant plots and chapping brick houses, a lot of people look like they’re struggling to get by and I haven’t seen a single smile since I arrived here (that last part may be due to the heavy dew). My initial experiences did not help: […]

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   Aug 05

England III – Warwick

The Teach First summer institute takes on the challenge of picking out the essentials from a normally five (?) years education and convey it in six weeks. I would say, it succeeds beautifully. How can this be? Of course it helps that the candidates already know their subject inside and out, so we were able […]

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   Jul 18

England II – Manchester

A quick photo post from Manchester: Apart from spending your budget in the well-equipped malls, the main thing to do for non-footballers was to go exploring. The area is slightly confusing; flat as a plate with no protruding landmarks, coastline or other things to aid orientation, making pathfinding tricky.   Rain poem (click twice for […]

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   Jul 11

England I – Traning

I’ll try to jot down a few paragraphs about the Summer institute which marks the beginning of my two years as a teacher. These five weeks are basically all the training we get before stepping up as full-responsibility science and math teachers. Compared to the one year program graduates usually need to follow before they […]

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   Apr 03

Ode to the sugar snap

Spring is here! Last summer, I grew my first veggies -sugarsnaps. It was an undivided success. All I did was putting the seeds in the soil close to the fence to give them something to climb on. The rest was done without me parttaking – without any attention at all, super pretty pea plants sprouted […]

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   Mar 25

Carpe Vitae

Great news on the career front: I am hereby a candidate for Teach First Norway. Teach First is, by their own words, addressing educational disadvantage by transforming exceptional graduates into effective, inspirational teachers and leaders. I am humbled to be one of the exceptional graduates.   The program is not easy to sum up in […]

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   Feb 18

Oil landing in Hvaler

Less than two years ago, the country was shaken by a hundreds-tons heavy oil leak in a vulnerable area. Murmeldyr was there with the WWF oil brigade, the whole situation was devastating (though it was uplifting to see our efforts go a long way). Last night it happened again. Tragicomically enough, the ship hit right […]

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   Sep 03

Home Carved Village

It is like a scout camp only permanent and without the brats! Heimspikka village is a gem hidden in the forest close to the Swedish border. A seemingly random group of very different people (occupations spanning from stage artists to computing) with a shared interest in Do-It-Yourself and a combined base of know-how acquired some […]

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