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   Aug 09

Nuffield: A+!

Nuffield fitness centre kindly let me use their gym when I really needed a workout and a clean shower (see previous post if you wonder why “clean” is emphasized), even though I did not live in the area and thus was not a prospective member. Because I appreciated the generosity and the facilities so much, I am hereby recommending their services to anyone googling around to see which gym they should sign up for. It was so much better than the one I go to at home. Endless rows of cardiac machines in all sorts and shapes, fresh air, no music (but plugs for 3 different personal music devices), health test for all new members. Even the details, such as free weight scale in the wardrobes, option to borrow a towel, soap provided in showers, were in place. The┬átuna sandwich strutted with healthy greens. And importantly; staff was not slick or over-enthusiastic as in a certain green-colored gym company up here.

I din’t try the full-sized swimming pool, but am sure it is just as excellent as the rest.

All gyms seem to have something that is plainly annoying (loud music in a short loop is a big one), this one just didn’t seem to have any of those. Wish there was one where I live!

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