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   Feb 26

New nest <3

Two human and two bunny beings have found what we firmly believe is the single best residence on earth.

Just where the busy feeling of downtown gives way for open spaces, looking over a park, sits a roomy flat with a tub and a kitchen that is way too fancy. Have a look:

(disregard the TV, these are the promo pics)


As far as we have been able to tell, there is not a single thing that needs doing here. What a relief! Summer is saved.

The outdoors is so nice I can’t wait for summer. They even plant trees. Is this faith?

It keeps getting better: The central heating was recently hooked up to the district heating network, meaning the place is reasonably green.

It will take two months (also known as FOREVER) for the previous owners to get their butts out, giving ample time to mentally furnish the place. There WILL be hammocks.

I miss having my own kitchen immensely, and a roomy, organized desktop just as much. Most of all, I miss inviting people over, can’t really do that in a shared residence. To those who feel it should be my turn now; I’ll make it up and beyond!

So I’ve embarked on a Buy Nothing-project. Until the moving date I will not buy any clothes or cosmetics, and use up the stocks of food as much as possible. Because there is too much stuff. I can’t live off preserves alone so the food part is not as strict, but I will design my meals around what I have. There’s enough rice, pasta and beans on these shelves to feed an army, and it would be perfect to not move those old, opened bags and packets into that elegant kitchen. Still, throwing out edible food is not an option. We’ll se how the project goes!

…And so I went right on to breaking the vows when I saw these. I feel that I can’t be blamed. Buy Nothing-project take II starts now.

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  1. Balanse says:

    Gratulerer så mye med egen kåk 🙂 Ser flott ut!
    Lykke til med prosjekt bruk-opp-det-du-har.