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   Apr 03

Ode to the sugar snap

Spring is here!

Last summer, I grew my first veggies -sugarsnaps. It was an undivided success. All I did was putting the seeds in the soil close to the fence to give them something to climb on. The rest was done without me parttaking – without any attention at all, super pretty pea plants sprouted and stayed green and glorious throughout summer. Pea plants are actually one of the smartest greens there are; they are the only ones in the plant world that have the ability to utilize the nitrogen in the air (there might be a symbiotic microbe that actually does the trick, it is too long since I did green biology). While nitrogen in the air is plentiful, nitrous compounds in the soil are valuable and often a limiting factor for growth. By keeping some peas, you can replenish the soil for the other plants.

And when fall came, the bunnies snacked on the stems. I have the cutest compost vessels imaginable!

Also, I noticed the sugarsnaps in the stores are among the most exotic vegs in terms of country of origin. The ones I am munching right now are from Guatemala, last week they came from Kenya. What is the point in travelling that far when they grow with vigor in my unattended porch box?

This year there will be twice as many sugarsnaps!

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  1. Aggie says:

    For the record; there is also pumpkin, zucchini, red pepper and marigold. Wish them luck and strength!