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   Apr 25


Today was the treasure hunt of the year.

One of the major theatres had its occasional costume sale. Over a thousand people turned up and were let in a hundred at a time. Thanks to early bird Marius we were first in the line, but were run past and down before even reaching the shelves.

An entire hall filled with hoard. Each item marked with the name of the play and the actor that has worn it. Most hand-sewn, well made and all friendly priced. *shriek of enthusiasm*

I’ll get some pics up to show off:

From Phantasma

From Phantasma

Pretty pretty corset -it’s all in the details

Beautiful white silk dress from Which Witch that I have no idea when I’d wear, but couldn’t let go

Serk -gown for wearing underneath during my upcoming viking endeavors -hooray! I was assuming I needed to make one myself (like, where do you get one unless at a theater?) and was not looking forward to it.

Gorgeous little handbags

And the sweetest shoes I have ever seen, much less worn or owned. They are, perfect. Tiny little ash-pink pump sandals that fit like no shoe has fit my feet. When they also were the exact same color as the details on my dress, I had to assume this was no chance event.

The rest of the day I have been staring at my feet a lot, and not for being shy.

An hour in the haze of one-of-a-kinds and people, people and people is exhausting down to the bones, but for these findings it was worth every ache.

Will bring more cash and sharper elbows next time.

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  1. Danae says:

    Haha, I’m guessing this is the same Marius I know, but I had no idea he was an early bird. I love the costumes though, looks totally worth the fight!! Miss you all!

  2. aggy says:

    Same Marius, and it is quite possible that the earliness was an exception.. Very handy anyways 🙂 He got some amazing loot as well.