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   Nov 03


Blog hasn’t been updated in a long time, for three reasons. 1) keeping busy and occupied 2) not that much is new (not entirely true, there was a magnificent trip to Ireland) 3) Expressing ideas all day at work makes me want to do other things after. With a possible 4) Getting self conscious comparing myself against the incredible and well executed blogs created by brilliant people all over.

This was never intended to be a regularly updated blog anyway. Life moves in waves, habits come and go. In the meantime I’ve been keeping an offline journal on this same wordpress, very convenient – with the danger of mistakenly pressing Publish instead of Save draft, which would have been bad.

I’m finding myself in a state of flow and stability, a welcome change after two stressful and worrisome years. Work is consuming, intense and rewarding, and any free time is spent recharging. The weeks fly by so fast. I’m struggling to find time for family and friends, but hopefully people appreciate the happier version of me they get when I do get around to seeing them.

I did create another blog, conceived around the bonfire, a place for everyday concerns of the modern heathen. Have a look over at (Norwegian). Just a little project, but I am very pleased by how it turned out. If you’d like to contribute on there, just give me your contact info and I’ll provide a password.

A post concerning the tan, hazel-eyed kid we adopted is in the works, you won’t be disappointed.

Puppy training

Puppy training

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