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   Sep 28

Dog moved in.

For the two weeks to come, my home has the pleasure to accommodate one of the most lovable dogs in existence. This is nice practice for the furry addition to the family that is planned for next summer. We’ve registered for the same brand of dog, in fun size because the normal size was discontinued (booo).




Day 1

Dog was confused when her parents left, but soon accepted her new home. Home is where the bed is, apparently. At bedtime Dog asked very nicely if she could sleep on the bed with us, to which I happily complied. Boyfriend who came to bed a bit later was not overjoyed, but saying yes and then no would be plain mean.

Day 2

Was greeted at the door by enthusiastic package of happy. House had been very carefully guarded, and all furniture survived. We immediately went exploring the neighborhood, found a new shortcut and confirmed that the nearby community garden has no such thing as a name or sign and prefers to stay a well kept secret. Intriguing. It has all the fragile, English appeal of a secret rose garden in September. Will bring camera tomorrow. Climbing the stairs when we got back went veeery slowly. Stiff old lady legs or disappointment over going back inside already?

Boyfriend dropped a piece of plastic while working on a project. Dog ate it, then gave him a long intense look. What was that supposed to mean?

Day 3

One thing I discovered is I don’t know the social codes for dogwalking at all. Like, what is the polite way to approach another dog on leash – so far I’ve gone with asking the owner if it’s ok to let them sniff, that can’t be too wrong.

Dog was very interested in the sandwiches I was making. Put a slice of cheese on her back. Cue spinning round in circles for several minutes, apparently fur has excellent cheese retention properties. Way to keep Quadfoot entertained. Next time try rolling, might work better for ya.

Day 4

Should I do something in particular while walking this animal? Like, shouldn’t I be training it or something? She’s very gentle and not really in need of training, so it would be mainly as a form of meaningful play, or showing off how good she is, or an excuse to administer treats.

Day 5

Dog decided to take a shit while we were crossing the road in the morning rush. Talk about stopping traffic! She always wants to take the bus, but in the other sense of the word “take”. When we actually did travel by bus today she freaked out so on the way back we strolled, which put the walk at 3 hours total. The animal is now snoring on the couch.

Day 6

Car ride! My favorite thing! That was another story than the stupid bus altogether. In other news, we’re both sore and stiff from the unexpectedly long walk yesterday. We probably needed it.

Day 7

We picked up a chaise for free, came home to find it did not fit in our living room at all. Dog loved it so it will be dog bed for a week and then off to the flea market.

Week 2

Dog is attending her job as footwarmer faithfully, with occasional breaks for catching pieces of bread in mid-air (no worries lass, you’ll learn it eventually) or hide-and-seek, which she masters to perfection.

She was completely stressed out after a metro ride (nope, not any better than bus) so we called Husband to come pick us up with the car. The moment she jumped into the car the dog went from an adrenalin factory to total tranquility. This is a car girl for sure.

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  1. Balanse says:

    Så koselig med snoop doggy dog i huset. Ikke noe for en med hundeskrekk som meg, men hun virker jo grei nok 🙂 Skal dere få hund sjøl?

  2. Victoria Udnæs says:

    Herlige snute-dyret! Takk for smil og latter, kunne se det hele tydelig for meg. <3