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   Apr 24

An actual update!


Looking forward on another year with the amazing kids I get to call mine, as I’ve been offered a permanent position. The paper mill with applications and interviews and all that is not done, but my superior stated that the position has my name on it and that I am allowed to hit him over the head with a big hammer if it goes to anyone else. So I allow myself to celebrate early.





The staffie is approaching his first anniversary, and the “stubborn bastard” aspect of the terrier is starting to come out. Combined with his fair share of wits,  a short leash is oftentimes in order (“I know what you want me to do but I just don’t feel like it”). The trainer of the class we’re currently doing even called him a bully twice because he kept bouncing about and refused to obey her commands, but it’s ok, we knew puberty would hit around now.


Now for the smaller piece of news that I’m the most eager to share! I was lacking an exercise schedule for a while as my cherished training partner had to quit (sob!) with visible consequences. Somehow, my line of work is really bad for the figure. It’s probably because we need to be on and alert with plenty of blood sugar throughout the day, without ever doing anything more physical than walking.

So when my colleague said “I’m starting the 30 day shred” I went “I don’t know what that is but I need some sort of social pressure to exercise, let’s try it!” Generally I’ve been frowning on short term challenges because I find them vain and over hyped. With this one I’m hoping to form a habit of frequent, maybe daily, living room exercise after work.

494908-10-1330896687276Day 2, I like it a lot. The moves are quite basic but the trainer is awesomely present, much more inspiring than a lot of other exercise videos out there, and it’s a condensed workout that I have time to conduct in the 30 minutes time window after I get home and before my man does. My appetite increases with exercise, but so do my energy levels so I may or may not see any of the promised shredding. Today I finally got around to give my hair a treatment, which I’ve been putting off for weeks because I just couldn’t be arsed to do it. If this continues I’ll be having an empty to-do list before May. Go ahead and invest 30 minutes every day in your health and body too:

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  1. aggy says:

    To update on this, I did the first ten day chapter fine, but few days into chapter 2 one of my ankles had enough sideways jumping and started acting up. I may give it another go from the beginning at a later date, as short and intense home training after work seemed to fit well into my schedule.