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   Jul 23

Goodbye murmeldyr, hello Yirdfast!

This blog sort of lost its purpose after I returned from my prolonged adventures abroad. I kept it open as a space for travelling letters from vacations and such, but several of my later travels didn’t even get a blog post. When I travel I want to be present in the experience, not snapping photos for blogging, and I never have take the time to write during a trip.

Many things have changed since then, but some things never seem to. I’ve always been some of a nature nut, and an environmentalist at heart (even an activist, when a good solid campaign comes by. Some may remember this adventure, still one of the more meaningful things I’ve done). One thing I like to discuss and explore is how to balance and harmonize earthfriendliness with a modern, convenient lifestyle. That is the direction in which I want to turn my blogging.

Rather than revamping this domain and dragging a lot of old stuff with me, I’ve started anew at my other domain (you may have to type it manually, there seems to be an issue with the linking). Please head over there (if you can read it)! This site will stay up for what’s left of the domain registration period, then it will be moved to and will be released for the benefit of some other soul. Hopefully someone who will give it lots of content and a purpose.

Environmentalism in my town may be similar to yours, but many things will vary locally. I may, for instance, be shaming on retailers that offer toxic or wasteful stuff and cheering on shops that offer kind products. This will be heavily Norway-specific (sometimes even Oslo-specific!) Therefore I will be writing in Norwegian, another good reason to start over fresh.


Curious about what the funny word yirdfast means? It’s all explained there. Go have a look, and change your bookmarks while you’re at it!

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