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   Jul 11

England I – Traning

I’ll try to jot down a few paragraphs about the Summer institute which marks the beginning of my two years as a teacher. These five weeks are basically all the training we get before stepping up as full-responsibility science and math teachers. Compared to the one year program graduates usually need to follow before they […]

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   Jun 17

I think I am green. Do you agree?

I try to lead a life that is giving back more than it takes from the world around me. One aspect of this is incorporating environmentally friendly practices in my everyday. In a break from preapring my master’s dissertation I made a list, roughly ordered by amount of care spent: Buying organics whenever I can, […]

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   Jun 08

Brave new world

Just a brief shriek of joy to tell the world that the travel of life has come to a new chapter, as the Marmot defended its thesis yesterday and was awarded Master of Molecular Biosciences. This fact was duly celebrated with an excess of bubbly liquids, grandiloquent foods (we lost count of the number of […]

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   May 14

Vi Hart – maths the way it is supposed to be

I would like to point your attention to a modern day hero, a self-appointed mathemusician. Vi Hart (I think that is her actual name) is a composer and mathematician, who makes short videos explaining math concepts. The videos are playful, associative and very different from regular (boring) math tuition. Brilliantly illustrating maths the way it is […]

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   Apr 03

Ode to the sugar snap

Spring is here! Last summer, I grew my first veggies -sugarsnaps. It was an undivided success. All I did was putting the seeds in the soil close to the fence to give them something to climb on. The rest was done without me parttaking – without any attention at all, super pretty pea plants sprouted […]

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   Mar 25

Carpe Vitae

Great news on the career front: I am hereby a candidate for Teach First Norway. Teach First is, by their own words, addressing educational disadvantage by transforming exceptional graduates into effective, inspirational teachers and leaders. I am humbled to be one of the exceptional graduates.   The program is not easy to sum up in […]

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   Mar 12

Announcing Yirdfast – the steadfast craft marmot

Murmeldyr has been crafty lately. I got these woven labels so now I can tag my stuff in real life too! “Handmade by Yirdfast”   Yirdfast is a Scots word meaning “earthbound” – in a “both feet on the ground” kind of sense. This has become my trademark in the crafting world. I have googled […]

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   Feb 18

Oil landing in Hvaler

Less than two years ago, the country was shaken by a hundreds-tons heavy oil leak in a vulnerable area. Murmeldyr was there with the WWF oil brigade, the whole situation was devastating (though it was uplifting to see our efforts go a long way). Last night it happened again. Tragicomically enough, the ship hit right […]

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   Jan 10

Candy the collie was very protective of her favorite tree

I scored a trillion grown-up-points when I commissioned artwork. Here it is on the wall in my home office:  Whenever I get lost in thought, my eyes move from the screen and over to my perfect tree. I can’t seem to get enough of this picture, tracing the lines over and over again. Never mind […]

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   Jan 02

Murmeldyr’s skiing trip

My new year’s wish for 2011 is doing one thing every day just because it makes me feel good. This may seem like a selfish wish, but is really a matter of changing my mental habits. It’s a matter of thinking “how can I improve this situation” rather than ignoring the problem until it goes […]

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