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   Mar 12

Announcing Yirdfast – the steadfast craft marmot

Murmeldyr has been crafty lately. I got these woven labels so now I can tag my stuff in real life too!

“Handmade by Yirdfast”


Yirdfast is a Scots word meaning “earthbound” – in a “both feet on the ground” kind of sense. This has become my trademark in the crafting world. I have googled and froogled and web archive’d the name and any and all hits that were not a Scots text talking about some particularily deep-set rock, have been me bouncing around within the World web. I hereby claim it as my own. If you steal my name, I will hunt you down.

Everything made by Yirdfast is based on tradition and natural materials – some things strictly so (no factory involved in any part of the production) and other things more relaxed – but always based in nature.

Commuter’s socks: I spend at least 2 hours a day on public transport, and needle binding is just perfect for that otherwise unproductive time. At a rate of one pair a week, I rapidly accumulate socks. Perhaps I should open a shop…

Hat, ready for felting:

This, I tell you, is the last woolen tablet woven band you’ll see from me in a long time. Wool is just too wooly for these finetuned patterns, I’ll stick to linen for a while.

The mead from Heimspikka has finally been bottled, along with a lovely mountainberry brew. All with good help of Arnfinn’s bottling device (the curious red thing on the bottom left).

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  1. Kristen says:

    Oh Aggy! I’m so impressed. This is fantastic. Will you be exporting any time soon? 😉