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   Dec 10

UK Students: A token of solidarity

Wow, lots of updates. Marmot is scribbling away! When education is moving out of reach for people in a place I hold dear, it is not possible to keep it shut. A huge cut in UK University budgets was passed yesterday, with the corresponding doubling of student payments. The UK has a blueish government at […]

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   Dec 10

Change we can believe in?

Reading, reading, reading for nights on end. There are so many important things going on in the world right now,  it’s hard to keep up. The most fascinating thing being how  things that I would have disregarded as conspiracy theorist crazy talk only few days ago are actually happening. Like the US and China collaborating […]

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   Dec 07

Leaky Freedom

As you have probably too, Murmeldyr has been following the Wikileaks releases closely in the last weeks. Not as eager for the actual documents as for the reactions of the international society. And reactions there have been, in a magnitude that reminds me more of totalitarian regimes than the free Western world. Like the re-opening […]

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   Nov 21

Art for wearing

Remember I used to share whenever I found something moving or quirky online? Here’s something that’s both plus absolutely stunning. Raw, industrial works of art. Just look at this one.  One day I’ll own a forge and make these myself. Until then, I am very happy to have found the Vagabond. (Not the assembly line […]

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   Nov 08


Murmeldyr has moved to a brand new eco-friendly vm-ware server (or am I confusing things, dear sysadmin?), upgraded its core facilities and refurbished the looks. You can almost smell the moist, fresh grass. A good time to add an “about”-section, we like to know what we are dealing with, after all. New is also the […]

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   Nov 02

Nation of Norden

Countries are just SO pre-Internet. For various historical reasons*, the world is split into tiny fractions called nations. Since, the world has only gotten smaller, but the number of borders is not decreasing to scale. We no longer need to fear the neighboring tribe, we communicate and trade across the globe as easily as with […]

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   Oct 19

Listen to me!

I love music. Any genre. No exceptions I can think of. Patience and willingness to maintain a collection of said music is, however, non-existent. Heck, half the time I don’t even know the name of the artist. Enter Spotify. Music consumption has gone up considerably after this ingenious little music streaming program. If there is […]

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   Sep 30

The Battle of Symbols

During the past few days, a series of articles regarding use of Norse symbolics among the troops in Afghanistan. This has invariably been linked to “unhealthy values” and possible nazism by media, a link which military officials have dismissed categorically. Still it keeps showing up, as though the media itself wants it to be true. […]

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   Sep 03

Home Carved Village

It is like a scout camp only permanent and without the brats! Heimspikka village is a gem hidden in the forest close to the Swedish border. A seemingly random group of very different people (occupations spanning from stage artists to computing) with a shared interest in Do-It-Yourself and a combined base of know-how acquired some […]

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   Jun 18

Summer is on

I’d just like to remind you that those exotic animal travel gifts tend to be made from threatened species. You wouldn’t buy a tiger fang, but what about a coral necklace? You can’t assume it’s a fake and the seller will say what you want to hear. Those pretty bugs in crystals are probs real […]

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