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   Dec 10

Change we can believe in?

Reading, reading, reading for nights on end. There are so many important things going on in the world right now,  it’s hard to keep up. The most fascinating thing being how  things that I would have disregarded as conspiracy theorist crazy talk only few days ago are actually happening.

Like the US and China collaborating on sabotaging the Copenhagen climate conference.  This comes out while another UN climate conference is being held in Mexico. Better keep an eye on what’s going on there, too!
The Guardian has collected an extensive list of the mass of corporations taking very unusual steps to silence Wikileaks.
Several of them admitting to be instructed by US government. Is this something a government should be engaging in? We are talking about a news organization here. If the homely Aftenposten (major Norwegian paper) had gotten it hands on such material, would anyone be surprised that they would publish it? Hardly. This is what journalism is about –digging up facts, shuffling them a bit and spreading them to the world.

These reactions will prove very embarrassing for the responsible politicians. Luckily the detaining of the leader does not harm the organization, which is strong on its own.

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