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   Nov 13

Sir James macPølse

I present to you: Foot warmer, killer of doormats, fart machine, charmeur, Mister Floppyears!


A trained eye will observe he is not doing precisely as he’s supposed to in this picture: Eyes fixed on the yum when they are supposed to be on the trainer. But hey, we’re all learning this game.

It’s just crazy, that you can buy yourself a kid just like that, without a certificate of any kind. I kind of feel there should be some sort of mandatory exam because it’s such a big responsibility, but then again I guess I feel the same way about human babies.

He may scare you if you’re scaredy because he’s so happy to see you he doesn’t know what to do and will resort to jumping and snapping, but he’s never shown aggression in the half year he’s been alive. You can tug his tail, take his food, sneer at him (if you’re a dog) and all he will do is lick his cheek to say “please stop”. This is part of the reason we’re choosing to let him stay “intact”.

We’re doing our best to make him into a happy citizen. He gets daily massages and belly rubs, and a very enjoyable evening ritual consisting of  cuddles, nail clipping, lots of treats and tooth brushies before bed. Yes, he gets a nail clipping every evening, but not all toes at once because that’s just tedious when you’ve got 18 of them. Best way to avoid having to pay the vet to do it.

Did I say he’s a beauty? I would probably say that no matter what my dog was like, but he also gets a whole lot of praise from random people. While in a group of puppies, people ask specifically about “the brown and white one”, and breeders stop us on the street to ask where we got him. There’s one thing putting me off from enlisting him on dog shows, though: The people. While most “dog people” are great, there’s a vocal minority who enjoy telling others, and especially newcomers, how they should treat their dogs. This “helpful” advice is often transmitted in a patronizing manner, and while I haven’t been the one on the receiving end of much of that yet, I’ve heard enough of it to put me off from even looking into showing off my beauty.

Having a premium dog can be impractical in the everyday; he can’t be tied outside shops, the risk of dognapping is too high. Especially since he will instantly regard his dognapper as a friend of the family and hop happily along.

He is love on four legs, and he is mine!

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