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   May 23

The Missing Bachelor Party

Photo by Michelle A few weeks from now I’ll have a very satisfying Bachelor’s degree in hand. Also unless something  surprising happens I’ll have a masters’ admittance in the other. In other words, the next couple of years will take me further down the same road I’ve been walking some time already, although I do […]

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   May 04

New Adventures

Tanzania is hereby official. It will be simple. A lost and found phone will be my most valuable possession. We will stay in a bungalow (nicer term for hut) with “sort of a bathroom” in the words of the host. Although Tanzania is regarded a peaceful place in African context; as Europeans tourists we are […]

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   Mar 16

What now, Murmeldyr?

Lately I have engaged in very mundane activities, such as planning on Interrail for summer (there will be a separate post. In the meantime, please comment if you are interested in backpacking throughout Europe some 3 weeks in July), repeatedly informing rabbits keyboard cords are not edible (another reason for the offlineness but a very […]

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   Feb 01

Norway Schmorway

Norway: Cold in more than one way The people of this country scare me sometimes. Since I came back, I have been trodded on, sneaked past in shops several times, been ignored by service personnel and generally been treated as Norwegian people treat their neighbors. Compared to the caring strangers I met in Aberdeen, my […]

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   Jan 09

Ad “The Dangerous Indifferency”

Wow! I am going to have to moderate yesterday’s post substantially. While I’m still as puzzled by the selective blindness I’ve seen many times, the people of Oslo have proven that there’s still solid numbers of people who care. When a city of half a million can present 40 000+ people for a procession, there […]

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   Dec 11

Mail rant [warning: general lack of punchlines]

16:30: OK so I was off to the post office to dispatch a middle-sized mountain of winter presents. Walking the bike and balancing the stuff on it, as the Spar post office is on the way to the bike library and as I go home on Friday my issue needs returning. Post office closes at […]

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   Dec 10

Why I’m in science

So what do you do? [Icebreaker phrase alarm! Aight, I know what’s coming] -Biochemistry. (The degree is really called Biotechnology, but biochem more/less covers it and saves some definition of terms to someone who’s not terribly interested anyway. Also, it’s easier to pronounce.) -Whoah! *drawing slightly back* Science is so hard! Why do you do […]

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   Nov 28


Two weeks to go and I guess it’s time to sum up some experiences. First of all, the Scots are the best people in the world and that is for sure. Easy going and real folks. Much easier to get to know than the shy Norwegians. The stereotype of them being greedy (as conferred by […]

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   Nov 28


Generic update: I’m quarreling with my computers, this is why my blogging has been less than great lately. So today I was at PC World (the shop, not the magazine) to update things – mine are over four years now and both are being bad-tempered, so I believe it can be justified. But for Miss […]

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   Oct 30

Had to.

Reverse psychology from a lonely sign?

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