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   Mar 16

What now, Murmeldyr?

Lately I have engaged in very mundane activities, such as planning on Interrail for summer (there will be a separate post. In the meantime, please comment if you are interested in backpacking throughout Europe some 3 weeks in July), repeatedly informing rabbits keyboard cords are not edible (another reason for the offlineness but a very good lesson in fusing cables!), failingly persuading James (the support guy with the distinctly Engrish accent) that performing a 2h memory test is outstandingly bad advice when the problem at hand is the friggin’ computer rebooting every ten minutes!, catching up with what network theorists would call my dead network (they turned out to be alive and well) and reclaiming the rabbit fort (I am now the posessor of a fully functioning sleeping couch armed with chicken wire).

I still love random oddities and brackets.

Murmeldyr was started as means of letting people like yourself in on what life brought while I was off to faraway for what then was a substantial part of my close future. Partly to avoid forgetting what I’d told who and repeating myself too much, partly for broadcasting pixelated evidence and partly for looking back later. Close future very rapidly transformed into recent past, Aggy is back in homely lands and Murmeldyr has fulfilled its purpose?

Undoubtedly there will be more travels. In the meantime, your happy Marmot will be busy typing rants and wry outlooks in the Murmle (“grumbling”) section.

As any social blog is incomplete without a section for “hey look what I found!” I created it and called it Findings. I am sure there will be more findings as well.

Till next time, have some duckling on acid!

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One Comment

  1. Balanse says:

    Keep writing Murmeldyr, Aggy! And if I happen to stumble over a pot of gold when chasing a rainbow I´ll join you through Europe in a flash 🙂