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   May 23

The Missing Bachelor Party

Photo by Michelle

A few weeks from now I’ll have a very satisfying Bachelor’s degree in hand. Also unless something¬† surprising happens I’ll have a masters’ admittance in the other. In other words, the next couple of years will take me further down the same road I’ve been walking some time already, although I do expect the next phase to be different and better. For one, there’s the postgrad props. For two, there’s only so many masters’ courses in my field where I go now and I realised I’ve done most of them already so I’m applying for a bigger uni.

I contemplated waiting a year for a program that was basically the same but with a cooler-sounding title, but decided waiting is boring. After all, the current plan is staying in Uni forever. As the current wave is that the at one point idolized eternal students should be doing something useful instead, this means I need to get a job there at some point. Also, it means the boundaries of Eastern Norway may become too small -which will be a tough one. The very significant other was fantastic and understanding when I flew away for a term on more windy shores, but anything more permanent could be harder to explain.

Funny thing. To me, Bachelor is the word to use for subtly signaling that a guy, however handsome or charming, is slobby. So, I have a slob degree. Excellent.

What IS slobby, there is no graduation. We asked ‘where is our graduation ceremony’ and the answer was there is none. The diploma comes in the mail. -The ceremony will come in two years when you’re done. So much for module-based educational system! This goes with the “no problem your course will not be on this year, you can do it next year” attitude of the Living University. How about we’re not here next year?

I want my square hat and gown.

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  1. Balanse says:

    Congrats on the bachelor(ette) degree!