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   Jan 09

Ad “The Dangerous Indifferency”

Wow! I am going to have to moderate yesterday’s post substantially. While I’m still as puzzled by the selective blindness I’ve seen many times, the people of Oslo have proven that there’s still solid numbers of people who care. When a city of half a million can present 40 000+ people for a procession, there must still be hope. Alas, as I was hindered from participating and the media seem to focus solely on a different, violent demonstration the same night, I haven’t been able to find pictures from the procession.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government is still ignoring the UN and blocking the border, even for Redcross!

In danger of reducing Murmeldyr to a collection of links to good causes, I give you a few channels to show concern:
Call from Palestinian human rights organizations to UN, EU and the Geneva Council

Avaaz’ petition to the UN, EU, Arab League and USA for negotiations instead of force

Petition by the whole Norwegian left wing and workers’ federations to the Norwegian government to remove its investments in Israel -a powerful message

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