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   May 31

Flotilla of Freedom

Today we are all Palestinian. The events of this morning have shaken a whole world. I am of course thinking about the brutal overtaking of the international transport of aid for Gaza, the Flotilla of Freedom as it is dubbed. When the Flotilla was recruiting, I was thrilled and dreamy-eyed. In another situation I might […]

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   Jan 09

Ad “The Dangerous Indifferency”

Wow! I am going to have to moderate yesterday’s post substantially. While I’m still as puzzled by the selective blindness I’ve seen many times, the people of Oslo have proven that there’s still solid numbers of people who care. When a city of half a million can present 40 000+ people for a procession, there […]

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   Jan 08

The dangerous indifferency

I turn on the news. I can’t watch and turn off again. I turn it back on, it’s too important, too big to be ignorant about. I’m of course talking about the war on the edge of Europe. This is no political blog, but I can’t hold my peace on this. But instead of commenting […]

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