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   May 31

Flotilla of Freedom

Today we are all Palestinian. The events of this morning have shaken a whole world. I am of course thinking about the brutal overtaking of the international transport of aid for Gaza, the Flotilla of Freedom as it is dubbed.

When the Flotilla was recruiting, I was thrilled and dreamy-eyed. In another situation I might have registered for enrollment. I’m not sure what exactly it was that fascinated me so deeply. Something about the ocean being the same for all, the perceived freedom inherent in boats – not constricted to roads, they can go wherever there is water, which is the bigger part of the globe. Something about the optimism and yes we can-spirit in the project.

There are a few things one simply isn’t as short-thought as to do – opening fire on a widely publicized, civilian ship loaded with aid certainly is one of them. Even as I can see how it’s one with a provoking message. Countering rocks with fire is one thing, going apeshit on a shipment of aid is plain bad publicity. Maybe the international community will finally get a move on and do something drastic about this jam of a region.

I smell that this may be a turning point in the locked and extraordinarily frustrating situation that is the Middle East. Can the Flotilla bring Freedom in a very real and unexpected sense?

Now this was just a blurb to satisfy an intense urge to communicate this wrack-up. I still intend to keep murmeldyr apolitic, just can’t help it when disaster strikes.

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  1. Balanse says:

    Word! Still in schock.