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   Nov 28


Two weeks to go and I guess it’s time to sum up some experiences.

First of all, the Scots are the best people in the world and that is for sure. Easy going and real folks. Much easier to get to know than the shy Norwegians.

The stereotype of them being greedy (as conferred by a certain McDuck) does not seem to hold much truth – although not big spenders, they are very sharing. I haven’t seen much of the proposed nationalism either, although Aberdeen might hold a special position in that sense with the very multicultural Uni and many foreign oil workers.

The weather stereotype, on the other hand, is nothing but true. Sun is rare and appreciated.

Cheese equals cheddar. There may be fifty cheeses to choose from, but all are cheddars. If you aren’t a big fan of cheddar, you’re not getting cheese.

For the language, some people are almost undechipherable -even for the English. Although I haven’t picked up as much as I hoped, I do hope people won’t think I’m talking about pee when I go home and keep referring to small things as wee…

Oh, and did you think “allspice” referred to the magic mix of salt, chili, peppers and garlic that just blends into any food so you don’t even know it’s there? I did. What I got was a crazy blend of cinnamon and curry. Nothing can surprise me now! Be sure to read the label of spice blends, is all I can say.

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