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   Oct 30

Good bye Kolbotn – Hello Oslo!

One more week and this beauty will be out of my hands. So long Kolbotn, it’s been four peaceful years between a pond and a skiing slope. If only our friends had been more mobile (it gets lonely when no one else dares venture across the city border!) we might have stayed longer. Human and […]

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   Sep 05

Wake me up when September ends

September seems eternal from here. It is like a never ending stream of work, with which I can on no account compromise because others depend on it. Still, whenever I feel empty I can take a mental look back to June 6. and the months leading up to it and feel the sweet relief of […]

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   Aug 18

Sympathy Ramadan

Muslims go all day without food this month, and I thought to see what it’s like, I just skip that huge dinner they have after sundown (I do eat breakfast and take vitamins, and if anything adverse happens I’ll stop in that instant. Don’t worry). What can fasting plus daily exercise do to you? Reducing […]

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   Aug 06

England IV – Doncaster

Doncaster is a sorry little town. It is dominated by industry, vacant plots and chapping brick houses, a lot of people look like they’re struggling to get by and I haven’t seen a single smile since I arrived here (that last part may be due to the heavy dew). My initial experiences did not help: […]

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   Jul 23

You can never be prepared against sociopaths

As you are all aware, two attacks hit Oslo in quick succession yesterday. Death toll is rising and will end up in three digits. Most of them politically active teenagers, caring enough for the world around them to spend their summer vacation at a political camp. Some of the most socially conscious young people you […]

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   Jul 18

I need to build this webpage myself

WordPress is updating constantly, and now it’s gone in Apple mode and hid all the buttons. I am unable to navigate this interface, or should I say lack thereof. And I who have a heap of great pictures to show y’all! It worked the way it was, dammit.

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   Jul 11

England I – Traning

I’ll try to jot down a few paragraphs about the Summer institute which marks the beginning of my two years as a teacher. These five weeks are basically all the training we get before stepping up as full-responsibility science and math teachers. Compared to the one year program graduates usually need to follow before they […]

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   Jun 17

I think I am green. Do you agree?

I try to lead a life that is giving back more than it takes from the world around me. One aspect of this is incorporating environmentally friendly practices in my everyday. In a break from preapring my master’s dissertation I made a list, roughly ordered by amount of care spent: Buying organics whenever I can, […]

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   Jun 08

Brave new world

Just a brief shriek of joy to tell the world that the travel of life has come to a new chapter, as the Marmot defended its thesis yesterday and was awarded Master of Molecular Biosciences. This fact was duly celebrated with an excess of bubbly liquids, grandiloquent foods (we lost count of the number of […]

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   May 14

Vi Hart – maths the way it is supposed to be

I would like to point your attention to a modern day hero, a self-appointed mathemusician. Vi Hart (I think that is her actual name) is a composer and mathematician, who makes short videos explaining math concepts. The videos are playful, associative and very different from regular (boring) math tuition.┬áBrilliantly illustrating maths the way it is […]

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