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   Sep 05

Wake me up when September ends

September seems eternal from here. It is like a never ending stream of work, with which I can on no account compromise because others depend on it. Still, whenever I feel empty I can take a mental look back to June 6. and the months leading up to it and feel the sweet relief of never, ever, ever needing to complete a master’s thesis again. No matter what my professional life throws at me, it will never match the stress and distress and feelings of insufficiency that came with the last phase of that project. I am able to keep work at work, it is not my life or identity or basis of existence (though it may be part of my pride). I do stay an extra hour every day, but that hour keeps me from bringing it all with me throughout the evening.

My team is solution focused and a very pleasant bunch, my pupils are mature and well-behaved (if quite whimsical and independent) and I am learning as much as I am teaching every day. I may well have found the best school I could have ended up in. Of course I hope every teacher in every school is able to say that.

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  1. Balanse says:

    Jeg føler med deg… Snaaaaart halvveis i september, give or take 😉