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   Jul 23

You can never be prepared against sociopaths

As you are all aware, two attacks hit Oslo in quick succession yesterday. Death toll is rising and will end up in three digits. Most of them politically active teenagers, caring enough for the world around them to spend their summer vacation at a political camp. Some of the most socially conscious young people you could find. It is surreal to experience these events from abroad, unable to help (though what on Earth could I have done if I had been there, anyways). One thing that I will do is sign up for a first aid class, because it is not nice to know I would have no idea how to best help a wounded person if I had to.

covered bodies on the shore -

So far it seems to be one or two confused individuals acting on their own, without backing of a group. That is comforting in a sense, seeing as we do not need to fear further attacks from this person. In the released pictures he looks fit, well-adjusted, even handsome. Take it as a shrill reminder that we cannot judge from the face who can be trusted and who can not! Bad seeds can be found anywhere. If we were to completely secure ourselves against those who do not respect the social contract, we would end up in a place where the ground state is suspicion.

Our leaders are stepping up as true statesmen in this situation. Even before the details were worked out, when it seemed likely that a foreign force was behind the attacks, the prime minister at no point called out for patriotism or military power, but rather reinforced the very open democracy that Norway is so blessed to have as a freedom that will never be narrowed down for the sake of security. That is world class leadership.


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  1. aggy says:

    I am very glad the initial death count was overestimated. Certainly way too many people died, but nowhere near the hundred suggested in the post.