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   Dec 03

Nessie and E.T.

Birthdays: Generally a rather enjoyable concept. I did not have too high hopes for this one, being away from everyone and all, but today’s been a blast. I’ll take you through it: * Sleep in (no classes. What a pleasant coincidence) * Discovering there’s been a heavy snowfall during the night! (Aggy is a sucker […]

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   Nov 09


This morning I was woken up by bagpipes. It was bound to be a good day. Ten minutes later I was out in the park looking for the band (hoping to see some kilts – I guess I have a thing for men in skirts…) but it stopped before I found it. Birthday lunch at […]

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   Oct 28

Loch Ness

– breathtaking. It’s “only” a lake, but if you appreciate nature as much as I do, do put it on your list. The Scottish wilderness is much like the Norwegian but rougher, more beaten. The ruin on the shore is a beauty; I will not expand on that as I find myself gauging clichés. We […]

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