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   Dec 03

Nessie and E.T.

Birthdays: Generally a rather enjoyable concept. I did not have too high hopes for this one, being away from everyone and all, but today’s been a blast. I’ll take you through it:

* Sleep in (no classes. What a pleasant coincidence)

* Discovering there’s been a heavy snowfall during the night! (Aggy is a sucker for snow)

* Brunch at Caro’s, including loads of cream

* Strolling through park, with spontaneous, politically correct snowperson making and generic childish behavior

* Returning, to find mr. Laptop waiting impatiently for me on kitchen table (Finally there you are. Now fire me up right away, I’m installed and powered up and can’t WAIT to show you my bloated systems!)

* Playing w/ mr. Laptop for a couple hours

* Christmas shopping

* Dinner out w/Caro

* Cake at Malin’s (other load of cream)

* Supper with my sweetest neighbors

Whoah, some day. Not to forget the phone calls and messages -thanks a bunch, guys, it means a lot. All in all; with such a start, the year is bound to be worthwhile.



Snowman #1, Nessie. Gordon the Giraffe: Courtesy of random guy taking the picture

The disaster

The disaster

Nessie died on us!

The shock

The shock

How could she!



Bypass head transplant successful, Nessie now looks slightly flat-headed and was re-baptized E.T.

Tech girl is trying to figure out how to convince customs people at airport that 3 phones, 3 PCs, 2 cameras and 2 hard drives *ARE* private, non-commercial, personal belongings. Hey, I’m just moving my stuff!

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One Comment

  1. Balanse says:

    Cutest snow-E.T/Nessie/man ever!
    Happy to hear your birthday was grrrrreat 🙂