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   Jan 19


I promised to write only about important, essential things, no personal jabjab that makes some blogs so tideous. Rabbits are important.

My place is now a bunnyplace. I didn’t realise how much I’ve been missing companion animals. How calming it is to work in the home-office to the eager sounds of rabbits busily minding their own business. How much they make me smile when they run across the floor and can’t stop when they reach the other end. A bunnyplace is a happy place.

We picked up Lilo and Luna from a shelter organization yeasterday. It was snowing so heavily that black rabbits were white before we even got back to the car. Sure getting snowed on is not a bunny’s favorite pastime, and two sulky rabbits stared at us from the far corner of the cage the rest of the day. Although the door was kept open and we tried our best to trick them out on the floor with treats, they only wanted to lay there like some amorphic fur heap with ears. Today is another matter altogether, they seem to have moved to under the couch and arrange expeditions to the other rooms from there.

In their previous home they lived with cats, and rabbits were bossing the cats around. Bunny got guts! It broke my heart taking them away from their cosy home and their feline frenemies, but at least they get more jumping room here!

They’re already doing the funny, weird things rabbits do, like hiding their food bowl under a heap of hay and a number of other rearrangements that seem perfectly random to non-rabbits.

They absolutely love that carpet. Guess it reminds them of a grassy field.

Embarrassingly enough, I can’t tell them apart – but they don’t seem to care what I call them so using the wrong name should be forgivable.

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  1. Balanse says:

    Så utrolig søte! Jeg har noen deilige, myke tøfler som ligner veldig 🙂

  2. Susann says:

    Deilige lille jentene (m)dine! 🙂 Håper det går bra med alle 4. Sender info mappe på mandag.