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   Oct 13


The other day I carried home a bucketful of veggies, some I’d never even seen before. There were green tindarine-like citrus (I thought they were limes, and was quite surprised to find they were orange on the inside), a purple / green leafy thing I’m still not quite sure about -loads. So much I could barely get it home, and all organic. Price? £5. How on earth is that possible?

Contents of vegbag

Contents of vegbag

Let me introduce: The vegbag. The good people at Shared Planet buy in bulk and distribute and that’s how the price can be so friendly. (No, I’m not working undercover for the scheme, I’m genuinely impressed.)

The abundance of healthy food sets the scene for many a shared dinner.

We also played around with colors decorating the bags. Photo coming once I’ve tracked down the recognisable people…

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  1. Balanse says:

    Trenger i Norge… *sukk*