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   Dec 14

Dear Santa

Blog is good for answering the most pressing question these days: What do you want to see under the tree this year?

This toughie tops my list: Motorola defy+ with the +. My current smart phone started acting weird right from the start, and has really developed a personality by now (Sometimes I can hear you, sometimes not. It will freeze for no reason at all. It frequently loses reception in broad daylight, with or without telling. I’m in luck if I can get online.) In short, I need a new phone. And this time a durable one. This is Norway, not California.

Though it is hard to keep a dressy wardrobe in the current, temporary residence with little room for such, I dress reasonably business-esque for work. This necessitates the use of blouses on a daily basis (who’d have thought?) I love green, turqoise,  dark, intense colors in general, and unusual cuts. And this: 


Oslo can be a cold place in more than one way, and I’m always out of warm sweaters. I love the style with a huge, wide neck and a slim body that covers the butt. Color preferences much same as for blouses, plus grays. Continues under the image (stupid linkback feature, that white wall beneath the picture was completely unnecessary).

H M sweater

No acrylics! My work computer has a metal case, and if I build up static from moving around in synthetics I zap it several times a day (sometimes with visual and auditive effects)! I don’t think inadvertent electrocution is beneficial for macbooks OR human hearts. I know the trick in which you touch the metal object with a key in your hand to spread the charge exchange over a bigger surface, I just can’t do this every time I touch my comp.

I would be very thankful for thin socks, but no need for warm ones -I have a bag full and they don’t wear out.


Jumping out of character for a moment, I observe that posting a list of stuff is completely out of fashion. All it-blogs (that are not paid to do otherwise) are currently pouring home-made, non-consumerist gift ideas (which mostly require heaps of fancy supplies, but let’s not do the math). I do care about the extra spending at Christmas which can be quite wasteful, and I too could have made an anti-materialist let’s-send-it-all-to-children-in-need-post. However, these posts tend to be just as vain as anything else (yosh look at me, I’m being selfless!) and change little. The above items are things I will be getting myself anyway, and putting them under the tree will not lead to more spending. The best strategy to reduce Yuletide overspending is making specific and sensible wishes.

In other news, we are still looking for our flat, it’s good to have ample time to wait for the place that feels just right.

What do you want to see under your tree?

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