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   Nov 04

Getting Started

The hardest part of this work might be the timing. Undergrad lab courses have all been tightly time-controlled (do this-then do that-go for lunch-come back just in time for x while y is cooling-etc etc). Now how to plan all this? What to do when your one reaction lasts 2 hours, the other one is booked for whenever the equipment is available and your third cell culture isn’t ready before tomorrow? Start a fourth experiment!

So the people here are juggling all these projects and don’t seem to even need to think about the order of stuffdoing. One stopwatch running in each pocket, they all seem comfortably relaxed while not missing a step. I stand amazed.

There are tons of papers and protocols and names to know and I am glad I skipped the mid-term break to get the week in the lab. The building is intricate (all floors look the same, and just for complicating things further there is a 4-way symmetry within each floor ) so theĀ  few extra days to sort everything out are well spent.

Thankfully, everyone is in the same situation in this respect as the building is new and few know where everything’s at.

Everything about the Cancer Centre is ambitious, so also the street signs. This piece of unintended humor sits right outside the centre. Moss is over 70 km away.

Don't worry, you can bike too!

Walking route to Moss

Don’t worry, you can bike too!

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