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   Nov 11

The Uni

So for the Aberdeen-specific stuff:

King’s college (the 1500s part of the uni) is really pretty, it feels good to go through such gates on the way to lecture:

As for school, the level is higher than home, no doubt. Not in the sense that what we learn is more complicated or the workload heavier, but in the sense that the level of the professors is very high, what we are served is new science (comparing with power points from last year I see large revisions) from experts in their fields, and there’s a plan behind every class. Finally after 4 years I do feel I’m going to uni and not just to school.

No one dares say it, but I think it ought to be said; not to scare anyone off but because the gain of painting things rosy is less than the one of being honest: UMB is a b-school. Sorry about that. Wish I knew it earlier.
Most of the subjects are thaught in Oslo too (mine originally weren’t, so I have an excuse:P) and as everyone secretly wants to be in Oslo (Trondheim for the engineers) all the rejects end up at UMB. It shows on the level, and ultimately the requirements go down. Every subject is limiting the curriculum from last year. Also, I’ve seen so much uninspired reading-the-textbook-aloud-teaching there and it’s hard to say what came first. All I know is I’m having regrets about going back there now I’m getting used to something better.

Most of my lectures are here:

And here.

The cathedral (tall thing on the left) still holds services, and you might run into newlyweds as you go for lunch.

The crown of the cathedral at night

The crown of the cathedral at night

The founder on display outside the cathedral, they say he was too big to be buried inside. In which case, the death mask is not very accurate.

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