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   Nov 11

The town

Next in the “how to survive in Aberdeen” series:

It’s not exactly a metropolis. There’s a reason why the student society arranges Christmas shopping trips to Glasgow.

Night life is still impressive for an Oslonian, people do know how to party.

Sign at the toilets of a rock scene

Sign at the toilets of a rock scene

Beware, alcohol prices have dropped 60 % in the last decade or two, and is now in fact cheaper than soft drinks. Official posters remind citizens that “everyone benefits from one alcohol-free day a week.” It really is crazy, but people seem to tackle it well, not drinking more in general but rather more exclusive stuff.

EDIT: I might be saying that because I entered in 3d year and my peers have learned the hard way…

Do come in time for Freshers’ week. It’s a bit like the homely russetid (which doesn’t translate at all, it’s a really extensive 6. form leavers’ party which lasts for 3 weeks, a true proof Norwegians are still vikings) complete with the meningitis warnings and the “it was the time of my life, but never EVER again” comments afterwards.

Those who watch their waistlines watch out; ready-mades are either stuffed into a pie or deep fried, and just about everything is sweetened. Portions are tiny though, and I don’t see many obese people at all.

Fashion seems a bit… Old-fashioned? Or rather, neater and more buttoned-up, more traditional and less flashy-fancy. I’m not going to post any theories on why it is so, there are others who know a lot more about that.

Steven seagull and his steroid cousins do make themselves noticed, as the dedicated facebook group Aberdeen Seagulls Are Fucking Huge And Scary proves.

Photo by Sophie

Photo by Sophie

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