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   Oct 28

The World is Unavailable – Please go Play Outside

26.10: Today has been a dull day. Someone has stolen the Internet! [Pause for gasp]

I have (seriously) been to the local centre five times today to check e-mail, find plane tickets, pay bills, download lecture notes, check e-mail again, etc, etc… So I’m officially an Internet addict, I gladly admit it. Better than TV any time. Internet is my teacher, my telephone, my photo album, my radio, TV and newspaper, and by means of this very blog, my showcase.

The biggest loss, apart from the comfort of knowing that the world literally is at my fingertips, is clearly the endless source of useful and very useless information, instant delivery right on your desktop, called Wikipedia. Tachyons? There is a comprehensive wiki. The inner workings of topoisomerase IIB for the next essay – wiki knows. How to make a shamanic love charm out of a piece of wood, a feather and a few beads? Wiki is not sure but is happy to direct you to How long to boil a soft-yolk egg while 1000 meters above sea level? Well, I haven’t checked as I’m friggin’ disconnected, but I’ll bet my buttons wiki knows.

Frequently in the more technical biology articles, Wiki clearly has no clue what it’s talking about. It breaks my heart every time I see it. Maybe one day I’ll do something about it, become a Wikipedian. I’m not quite there yet.

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