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   Oct 28

Internet still on vacation

27.10: Aggy has been exploring. Look, I found a chocolate orange!

The carefully sectioned, neatly wrapped kind of treasure my parents’ generation got when they were kids and treats were still a bit of a big thing, the kind that disappeared because it was less cost efficient than stackable KitKat bars. (They sure did have some good stuff in the old days. But they didn’t have Internet.)

The taste? Semi-crappy KRAFT cocoa. Same guys that slaughtered the homely Freia chocolate. 2008 sucks.

Still it feels like cheating to eat it alone, it’s so shareable with all the tiny sections.

What more, I found a secret computer room! I vaguely remembered there was supposed to be three computer rooms in the hall centre, but I’d only seen two and they were full. Driven by curiosity or desperation, I worked my way to the basement, through a door with a PRIVATE-sign, and after two more doors and a fire exit I found a dark and empty computer hall. Kind of spooky actually…

Note to self: Shops may be open on Sundays, but that doesn’t mean they’re open long on weekdays! I’ve come to locked doors at five past six so many times you’d think I’d learned.

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