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   Oct 12

Aikido seminar

4 hours of practicing the gentle art of people shuffling. This time featuring sticks and swords. Fun fun!

I faced one of my demons there, the forwards roll. I once broke a rib doing something similar in Kung Fu class. That was run-jump-rolls and we were all noobs. Looking back, it’s a wonder no one else got hurt, and all the instructor would say after I crawled off the mats was how much it would cost me to get it checked with x-ray… Good thing I quit that club. Anyhow, my body still remembers the soft crack and the dull pain and it was quite a step to do those moves again – but I did it! After I’d done it once, I couldn’t stop.

What is more meditative than putting your forehead against a tree? If I did that every day, I would never ever get stressed again. Mr. Oak saved my day!

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