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   Oct 07

The flat

Bigger than I thought, and in better shape than I expected for a college hall. Nice view to the park (said the tree lover). The bed is awful, though – I’m going mattress shopping tomorrow. There’s a lot of noises in the house, I guess I’ll get used to them after a while.

It’s an all girls flat, and I consider myself lucky as I was afraid of ending up with slobby party-teenagers who’d never lived away from mom. My neighbors are mature, calm girls from all over the world: Kenya, Ghana, Malaysia and Vietnam. There’s not so much social gathering in the kitchen as I’d hoped, but luckily there’s more social people next door.

But there was one bad surprise: The kitchen is all empty! How unpractical to buy kettles and frying pans for only 3 months.

EDIT: Updating with a photo of the bucket that collects the rain.

the bucket

the bucket

Can someone please fix the roof so the poor walrus can get his bucket back?

South house is the middle class of the student village, better than the part termed “the prison” (word has it was built using the plans of a prison), worse than the new “we even have our own reception” court that has chucked out the down-rated Hillhead-name. But they all have the smelly “impossible to clean” wall-to-wall-carpets.

Why CCTV in a solely residential area? High crime-rate or overly controlling management? Have your pick.

what are they really signalling with this?

what are they really signalling with this?

Also, the egg-yellow walls are slowly crunching on me. Hallway, kitchen, room, stairs, bathroom – I hope they got a really good deal on that paint…

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