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   Oct 07

oct 1 – practical stuff

There doesn’t seem to be any of those cheap hardware and nicnac shops that are so abundant in Norway here like Clas, Pytt i panne, Nille and soforth, the closest I get is M&S. So I went there today, hoping to find some of the real handy things like tin opener, scissors and pans. The things I was hoping to go together with the flatmates on, as it hardly seems necessary to have one each, but most of my neighbors are almost never to be seen so that proved difficult. Oh well, I guess my role as ‘handy flatmate’ is consolidated now, I’ve already been asked about things like how to unlock the door and how to turn on the stove. Reminds me that the stupid light bulb is still laying on my desk…

At M&S, I had the choice of getting one pan for £9.50, not bad – or three pans for the pretty price of.. 9.50. I came there for one pan, and one pan would surely have been better for the carbon footprint. At one point I promised myself never to buy more than I needed even if the deal was good. That promise broke today.

At least I’m going to lift all such things over on the charity shop that provided my awesome, head-turning £3 blazer jacket when I leave, as kind of a thanks for the bargain.

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