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   Oct 07

[Night] woken up by fire alarm

The girls I was to go out with left before I came (8.30pm), such things happen when I’m a lazy ass and haven’t found out where I can top up this stupid UK phone no… It’s annoying having to deal with all these little things that run so smoothly back home.

Oh well. I’ll be up early to go running before the campus tour instead.

The fire alarm went off while I slept, how annoying. The nights are COLD! And they said it happens quite often… No firefighters, only the wardens came and asked who’d been cooking. I think one of them went to the relevant flat to check, best to hide any candles or incense next time. :O

After the time out in the crisp Scottish night in my nighties, no way of sleeping. It’ll be a long, blog-surfing night.

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