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   Oct 07

26. sep – bikes

The everyday is closing in on me. But first there is weekend!

Boyfriend is in N├╝rnberg for the weekend without a functioning phone, and I’m feeling the withdrawal syndrome heavily. Are you having fun, dear? Looking forward to the photos! Photos, yeh. I still haven’t found the proper cable for my camera charger, so I must settle for crappy phone photos.

This place has got the most amazing thing – a BIKE LIBRARY ( Today I borrowed a bike for the rest of the term, just like that. They fix the bikes too, twice a week. And I even got a free lock with my bike. Could this be something for Oslo?

So I and some people from the eco-society Shared Planet went biking to an eco-village outside town. The beautiul farm and the sweet people there (many of the inhabitants are mentally disabled as the place is used for work training, all seemed very happy and harmonious) went stright to our hearts. I finally got to stock up on eco-food too.

The scottish history-course I was looking so much forward to is starting without me. It would have been too much, as I’m now taking both more and more advanced biology courses than planned. It’s ok though. I’m telling myself it’s ok; the new course seems both interesting and relevant for my degree so it’s a good trade. Argh. It’s still my baby I’m killing. Oh well, I can still sneak into lectures.

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