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   Oct 07

25. sep – adjusting

Every time I sit down I feel how tired I am. It takes all my will to get up from the chair.. It’s a bit of a walk to school, and the buses seem to be quite unpredictable. That’s ok, it’s a nice walk, but together with the seemingly infinite numbes of things and names and faces and places and to remember – it’s quite breathtaking when it adds up.

The application for the school admission was quite straightforward thanks to the Erasmus program, but nothing could prepare me for the amazing lot of bureaucracy that awaited here. How many offices, stamps, forms and cards can possibly be involved to be allowed to study when the application is already ok? I think I had to register 3 times total, and that was before even subscribing to courses.

One of the steps was seeing an adviser to set up a reasonable timetable. What surprised me about this appointment was, I wasn’t anxious at all! Normally a meeting like that, and explaining my situation to a stranger, would make my pulse rise and my hands shake – even though it’s really nothing to be anxious about, it happens on its own, so to say. This time I was totally cool. I have been a calm, harmonic version of myself since I came here. Those of you who know the easily stressed Aggy who wants to be ahead of things and trips when she’s not, would be surprised.

New Me is getting to know quite a few people, I’m proud of her. I have to mention Georgia -from Georgia! Yep, true. We talked past each other for a while before I realised it was Georgia the state, not the country. Anyways, I’m glad I found someone who shares many of my views.

And my exceptional luck continues, last night I became the owner of a (expensive) wristband which gives free entrance to a hot-shot club for pretty much my whole stay. Thank to Useful Lucie (photo).

Yesternight was my first real experience of Scottish clubbing. These people are serious about partying! My sore feet did put some brakes on my dancing and my contacts didn’t quite fancy the smoky air, but it was fun.

New Me is also going to start exercising (finally I have the time – or should have), hopefully that will make the get-out-of-the-chair part easier.

UK light bulbs are stupid! They aren’t twisted in, but forced into place in a way I haven’t yet figured. FAIL! I’m a bit too proud to ask or help changing a light bulb – but obviously I’m not too proud to make fun of it in writing. Strange how much easier it feels to reveal oneself on the internet. I’m not sure if I think it’s a good thing, after all the very same people you don’t want to tell something might read the blog. But I still think I think it’s good, as long as it’s the telling part that is the problem and not they knowing. Am I getting philosophical? Maybe I’d spend my time better sleeping. Yeh.

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